Çanbensan Bentonit

Canbensan is one of the largest bentonite mine and production facilities in Europe and Middle East.

Canbensan being a government owned corporation those years has been operating Turkey's largest bentonite mine in Çankırı since 1986. Çankırı is located in the middle of the Anatolia. Nearest airport is in the capital city of Ankara, 70 km away, and nearest harbour is in the coast of Black Sea, Zonguldak which is 350 km. away.

Canbensan Bentonite The company was sold to Köse Group in 1988 in a government privatization plan. After then, Canbensan increased quality and capacity of production thus became the market leader in Turkey.

As a result of importance given to research and development activities since the foundation of company Canbensan quickly become the leader in almost all fields of operations.

Almost all companies operating in Turkey in the field of metal casting and drilling are among Canbensan's major customer, and other stringent purchasing requirements have set the standard in supplying every customer with their needs with the shortest possible delivery time , at the lowest possible price without ever making concessions on quality, assured by Turkish Standards Institute.

Canbensan's major product groups are foundry, drilling, civil engineering and chemical industry. Canbensan not only produces bentonite for foundry and drilling but also produces upon given specifications especially for civil engineering, agriculture, animal feed and chemical industry.

Canbensan has reached a combined production capacity of 100.000 tons per year in 2004, and is planning to increase 40% of this capacity in two years.

Canbensan is producing bentonite according to ISO 9001:2015 Quality System, click here for more information.

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