Drilling Bentonite

Canbensan produces drilling bentonite named as Canson both OCMA grade and API-13A grade.

Canson is naturally ocurring sodium bentonite, mined from specially selected ores which shows high swelling capacity. When added to rotary drilling fluid Canson improves performance in drilling, hole cleaning and hole stability. Canson is also used to seal and plug the holes.

Main Advantages;

  • Canson will fill through standing a column of water and reach the bottom of the hole before swelling begins. Prevents bridging of the material to the wall of boreholes.
  • Prevents the entry of surface water into boreholes.
  • Aids in holding the explosive gas bumble downhole.
  • Simple to apply and easier to apply than pellets.
Canson is natural material complying with environmental regulatory rules.

Drilling Bentonite

Technical Specifications:

OCMA Grade
Moisture 8-12% weight
Residue (Wet)
2% max.
Viscometer Reading (at 600 rpm)
30-40 cP
Filtrate Volume 11-16 cm3
Yield Point
18-25 cP

API-13A Grade
Moisture 9,5% weight
Residue (Greater than 75 mic)
2,5% weight
Viscometer Reading (at 600 rpm) 35 cP
Filtrate Volume 14 cm3
Yield Point
21 cP


Canson is packed as 40 kg kraft and plastic lined bags, or 500 kg big bags.