Foundry Grade Bentonite

Candok is naturally occurring sodium bentonite that exhibits outstanding characteristics for green sand molding. It imparts very high green compression strength and in the typical manner of sodium bentonite has a moderately high dry strength.

3Candok differs from other clays in the sense that it has an extraordinary ability to retain bonding ability after heat exposure. The foundry is able to maintain active clay levels with reduced additions of bentonite or replacement sand by the help of this superior thermal durability. This feature makes Candok ideal for applications that require high heat loads or high melt temperatures, such as iron foundries operating with low sand-to-metal ratios or steel foundries. Besides cost savings from lower bentonite adding one additional benefit is that there will be less waste fines to discard so disposal costs will be reduced.

Foundry Grade Bentonite

Technical Specifications

Color Brown-Cream
Swelling Index
Swelling Time
Moisture 9% max.
Green Compression Strength 1.800-2.300 gr/cm2
Dry Compression Strength
2.800-3.500 gr/cm2
Dry Screen (Passing 75µm)
75% min.
Sintering Temperature 1.050-1.150 oC


Candok is packed as 40 kg kraft and plastic lined bags or 500 kg big bags.